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Starting this decade with some good.

Welcome 2020! Today I held my lazy bone and said, fuck you! one way or the other you are gonna setup this blog. It’s been fucking half year of procrastination.

Alas! here I go.

Medium had been a great place to write. One of the cleanest UI I have ever seen on any product, but my reason to switch is nothing to do with medium’s shortcomings or problems. I just wanted one space for all my crap. Here I’m planning to dump all my thoughts, be it tech, startups, management, product or some random philosophy 🙊.

I’d like to attribute gatsby-starter-lumen for this beautiful setup of Gatsby and Netlify. I thought of setting up the entire static blog pipeline myself, but I realised midway, I still haven’t figured out how these two work internally. So I decided to start with this template. I’ll probably strip things off from this template and slim it down to things I need. My fingers are rusty, haven’t written in a long time, I need to exercise them. Fuck my typos and grammar for now.

So, keeping my fingers🤞with this new attempt. I want to blog on travel, tech mainly, that’s what I could think of right now. Also, I will make a separate section to keep track of the books I’m reading, maybe plug in Notion to a page and show a table.

Alright, lets start small.

Bye for now.