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The Mosaic Mind
Pratheek's thought dumps



I'm Pratheek Hegde, a software engineer working remotely from Udupi, a costal city in Karnataka. I get intrigued and fascinated by observing and understanding everything that happens around me. I love to build and break things to get a better understanding on how something works. History, Physics, Math, Geography, Space are my interests despite being bad at it. I'm curious by nature so I keep digging and going down the rabit hole on any subject that piques my interest. I'm always up to try new things so I keep travelling, trying new food, new music, new experiences and adventures.

I have been obsessed with computers since my childhood and I got into programming because of web back in school. Whatever I know now revolves mostly around web technologies like js, node, ts, react, go, aws etc. I also have a decent understanding about how things work fundamentally when you start peeling each abstraction the internet is built on.

If you want to converse on any topic you can hit me up anytime on my social links.

The Mosaic Mind